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7 Use the optional time zone indicator Z to make it easier to map XML datetime values that have time zone information to SQL Server datetime values that have no time zone. Z indicates time zone UTC-5. The HH:MM offset, in the + or - direction, indicates other time zones. For example: 7556-67-67T78:95:67-58:55.

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Chromecast built-in is a technology that lets you stream your favorite entertainment and apps from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV or speakers.

Cast Stone by Ventura Cast Stone

- N ow Bree is at a desk in a store front as a secretary and her cast looks like it''s been on for many weeks. As if she knows you''re watching, she reveals her cast, takes off her sock and props her cast up high on the desk. This is a great gallery, even if I say so!

When you convert between datetimeoffset and the character types char , nchar , nvarchar , and varchar , the converted time zone offset part should always have double digits for both HH and MM. For example, -58:55.

- T oday''s update is Fay''s second gallery and it''s just as good as the first. She''s in a different outfit and starts out posing on crutches and then kicks off her other shoe and poses her feet together. Fay was such a great model that I have even more pics that I''m going to post in a couple of days so stay tuned.

Cold Chamber
Aluminum , Magnesium ,
Semi-Solid , Squeeze Cast
Vertical , HVSC

Victoria is not your average chatty passenger. Imagine you''re a rideshare driver and when you pull up to get your next passenger, it''s Victoria in a one week old LLC. She''s really has a lot to say about what it''s like, but you can''t see much of it because of her sock and long pants.

Helps preK-67 educators build options and flexibility into each element of the curriculum in order to reach and engage all students.

- T oday''s update is another one from DJCasts. He''s got a new model Lilith in a black LLC and it looks like fun was had because she is nude with candle wax all over her back and then there''s some pictures from a department store towards the end.

This example converts a string with white space, text and markup into typed XML, and removes all insignificant white space (boundary white space between nodes):

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