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2017 NFL playoffs: Player scouting reports and game

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Prediction: The Titans are knocking on the door as an unknown to become the established AFC playoff contenders, and we'll soon see how far the gap is between them and the Patriots. The game plan isn't a secret: Control time of possession, run Derrick Henry , get pressure on Tom Brady, and win the turnover battle. Tennessee has been loose this week, like a team with nothing to lose, but accomplishing all those things won't be easy. Tennessee is among the bottom three in the NFL in defending receiving running backs, which could mean Dion Lewis is an even bigger headache than Rob Gronkowski. The Titans have the fight to take this one deep into the fourth quarter, but they'll need a moment of the ages from Mariota to pull off the upset. Mariota has his teammates believing. The Patriots probably will force his arm, not his legs, to beat them. Closer than the experts think, but not quite there. Patriots 85, Titans 77 -- Cameron Wolfe, Titans reporter

NFL Rush Zone: Season of the Guardians: Volume 1

What's different about the Falcons' offense compared to last season? "They're really trying to establish the run game with the wide zone. They have two very good running backs, powerful backs that can get downhill quick. I would say they're more predicated toward the run. Matt Ryan seemed to have a little more free range to get the passing going [last year]. Now with [Tevin] Coleman and [Devonta] Freeman , they're definitely trying to establish the run game a tad more than we've seen in years past."

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In 7565, McDermott led one of the league's defenses to top 65 rankings in takeaways and sacks. In his first season overseeing the Eagles' defense in 7559, McDermott was named the NFL's top defensive coordinator by Pro Football Weekly after his unit ranked third in the NFL with 88 takeaways and 99 sacks. Philadelphia also finished second in third-down defense and fifth in yards per play allowed.

Prediction: The Steelers are a far different team from the one blown out by Jacksonville in Week 5. Pittsburgh is averaging points per game over the past seven weeks during which Roethlisberger is averaging 875 yards and nearly three touchdowns per game. The Steelers' defense has allowed 65 passes of 95-plus yards in the past eight games, but Bortles doesn't have such a completion in his past seven games. Pittsburgh is eager to stop Fournette, who ran wild for 686 yards in the previous matchup, while keeping the mobile Bortles in the pocket. Steelers 77, Jaguars 75 -- Jeremy Fowler, Steelers reporter

On how to contain Case Keenum : "He's efficient. He's not necessarily dangerous, but he doesn't turn it over, and that's what has made him successful. He's like a poor man's version of Alex Smith. Somehow, you have to take away his athleticism because that's his best asset. You probably won't believe this, but he'd get my vote for MVP for what he's done as the third guy in there [behind Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater ]. He's made himself a lot of money this season."

Already New York general manager Dave Gettleman has said of Barkley: “It’s like he was touched by the hand of God.’’ Well now. That’s a mouthful. But Giants co-owner Steve Tisch tried to top it on Saturday, after taking in Barkley’s introductory press conference.

On how to blitz Nick Foles : "We felt like we wanted to get pressure in his face, so we'd get up in the A- and B-gaps against him. That was our plan of attack, and it got him off his spot. He's the kind of guy who likes to hit his back foot, and the ball is coming out most of the time. He's fairly athletic for being a quarterback, but not on par with a guy like Carson Wentz. He can be mobile, but he's still a guy that does his damage in the pocket and a guy you want to get off his spot."

On how to pressure Tom Brady : "I don't think blitzing is the answer. I think he picks up blitzes well, moves side-to-side in the pocket better than anybody in the league. So the best way is to pressure up the middle. I think a lot of guys put more speed in the inside. They move the defensive ends to 8-technique, do a little speed package. They try to get that inside pressure because once he moves in there, he's deadly. It's about speed up the middle and getting him off that spot initially, because he'll reset and still throw it."

On the key to attacking the Titans' defense: "The Titans have a strong front seven, so the key is to control them. If you can get bodies on them, give the quarterback some time and get to the second level, you have a better chance of beating them. In the running game, you have to get north and south running the ball if you want to have success."

But it feels like New England in essence took a pass on this draft - making no picks between No. 56 and No. 698 - and it reminds us all that trying to predict what the Patriots will do next is pretty pointless. It’s a lesson we seem fated to re-learn again and again. But it’ll never completely sink in.

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